Glass baubles medium

The glass Christmas bauble is a classic Christmas ornament and gives your Christmas tree a luxurious look. At will find a wide range of glass Christmas baubles, both small glass Christmas baubles, large glass Christmas baubles and decorated glass Christmas baubles. The small glass Christmas bauble (mini glass Christmas bauble) is the perfect Christmas decoration for small, artificial Christmas trees, but you can also use them in large artificial Christmas trees, garlands or wreaths.

The decorated glass Christmas bauble adds variety to your Christmas tree. In our online Christmas store, you will find decorated glass Christmas baubles with glitter text, peace signs, snow, feathers, tinsel and many more variants. Are you just looking for plain Christmas baubles? No problem! Take a look at our large selection of plain glass Christmas baubles in classic and trendy colours (combinations). Do not forget your Christmas tree ornament hooks, these ensure that your glass Christmas baubles are secured in your Christmas tree. Our glass Christmas baubles come in convenient square boxes and cases, so you can store your glass Christmas baubles even after Christmas. Take a look at out our collection with glass Christmas baubles!