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The snow globe has been a popular Christmas item since 1950. The snow globe is a transparent sphere containing a miniature scene or figurine. To activate the snow, you must shake the snow globe, making the snowflakes fall slowly to the bottom. The snow guarantees happy faces! There is a big difference in quality and finish between snow globes. The snow globes At are made with great attention to detail. In contrast to the snow globes in a budget shop, our snow globes are multilayer, hand-decorated and painted. Both the interior and exterior of the snow globe are luxurious.

At you will find more than 50 designs in snow globes. By far the most popular are the 'funny' snow globes with funny reindeer, angels, Santa Clauses and snowmen. Additionally, there are snow globes with music, that you can play using a winding mechanism. The snow globe is a beautiful Christmas decoration for young and old. Take a look at our beautiful range of snow globes!