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Get your Christmas tree and Christmas decorations out from the attic because the best time of year has come. You can decorate your artificial Christmas tree again with Christmas baubles, Christmas lights and Christmas garlands, but do not forget the Christmas pendants! The Christmas pendant is the perfect Christmas item to add variation to your Christmas decorations.

With over 1,000 different Christmas pendants, Christmasdecorations.co.uk has the largest online collection of Christmas tree hangers in the Netherlands and Belgium. This particular diverse collection of Christmas decorations consist of wooden Christmas hangers, plastic Christmas hangers, Christmas hangers made out of fabric, polystone Christmas pendants and porcelain Christmas pendants. In addition to these various types of materials, there is a wide range in different designs. Many common designs in the Christmas pendants segment are: Santa Christmas pendants, snowman Christmas pendants, Christmas figurine pendants, owl Christmas pendants, star Christmas pendants, heart pendants, angel Christmas pendants and reindeer Christmas pendants.

An emerging trend is the Christmas pendants with a message. Increasingly more Christmas pendants are provided with a print such as: peace, love, hope, Merry Christmas, Home Sweet Home, and many other variants. You can give a personal touch to your Christmas tree or wreath. Because of the variety of designs and materials, Christmas pendants are perfect to combine with other Christmas decorations. Take a look at our Christmas theme page for inspiration and decorating advice.