Tree decorations

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Christmas is almost here so it’s time to bring out your artificial Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations. Are you using the same boring Christmas decorations in your Christmas tree for 10 years? Then it’s time for new Christmas decorations! has the largest online assortment of Christmas decorations in the Netherlands, at the lowest prices!

Do you want to decorate your Christmas tree and Christmas wreath with beautiful Christmas pendants? At you will find more than 1,000 different Christmas pendants! From traditional Santa Clause and Snowman pendants, to modern trendy owls. Within our range of Christmas tree pendants you can choose from: wooden Christmas pendants, plastic Christmas pendants and Christmas pendants made out of fabric. Check out our website for traditional Christmas pendants, view our beautiful range of porcelain Christmas pendants and polystone Christmas pendants. Do not forget your Christmas ornament hooks, these ensure that your Christmas ornaments are secured in your artificial Christmas tree.

The Christmas garland can not be missed while decorating your Christmas tree or other object in and around the house. For traditional Christmas garlands you are at the right place. Our Christmas garlands are available in various sizes and thicknesses, colours, designs and finishes. Take a look at our luxurious glitter Christmas garlands with leaves for example, or our unique starry Christmas garlands with 'laser' finish. Do you prefer classic Christmas decorations in your artificial Christmas tree? View our wide range of lametta and lametta hair. Available in classic colours and trendy colours such as iris and multi-coloured.